Getting Started

How do I schedule with you?

Since I am frequently unavailable and in session, the best way to schedule or reschedule is through Simple Practice. You can also reach out to me get via email at katie@eapsychotherapy.com

Where will our sessions be held?

On the interwebs! I am currently only doing sessions via telehealth. I use HIPPA compliant telehealth software by Simple Practice, called, very aptly, Telehealth by Simple Practice. As a backup I have a HIPPA compliant Zoom account.

On a computer, Telehealth by Simple Practice allows you to access our session via any browser. On a phone or tablet, you will need to download their app.

What's your cancellation policy?

I have a 48 hour cancellation policy and ask all clients to reschedule or let me know as soon as they know they will not make it. Clients can contact me via phone, email, text, or by rescheduling on Simple Practice. I honor the time a client contacts me, not the time I read the message. 

I offer clients one freebie late cancellation or no-show, after that they are charged the fees listed below:

Do I have to be diagnosed?

This is a nuanced question. No, you do not have to receive a diagnosis. If you want to use your insurance benefits whether you are in- or out-of-network, you will need to have a diagnosis. A diagnosis is needed for any medical provider to bill insurance for services they provide. This fact is often not discussed. 

I am committed to discussing any diagnosis and change around diagnosis. 

If you do not want a diagnosis, which happens for a variety of reasons, we can continue to work together at out-of-pocket rates.

What if I don't think we would be a good fit but I still want to see a therapist?

Please, please, please tell me! I am happy to make referrals to other medical providers, couples' therapists, and individual therapists. The relationship between therapist and client is nuanced and unique in every form. It is important that there is a certain amount of chemistry to make therapy magic. I am not meant to be everyone's therapist and not everyone is meant to be my client. So if after the consultation call, first session, or fiftieth session you would like to receive care elsewhere I will be happy to facilitate.

Cost and insurance

What is the cost of sessions?

20-minute Prospective Client Call | Free

Out-of-Pocket 50-minute Session | $155

Insurance Based Initial Assessment | $0-160

Insurance Based 53+ minute Session | $0-160

60-minute Therapist Consultation | $ 155

30-minute Paperwork | $ 60

Training | Price available upon request

Court Appearances | $1550 per day

Do you take insurance?

Yes! I am in network with Aetna.  

Before our first session I will verify your insurance on my end and I encourage you to call your insurance company as well. Please see below, "How do I figure out what I will be paying for sessions?"

How do I figure out what I will pay for sessions?

I use a couple of third-party billers who allow me to bill insurance and I will verify your insurance through them before our first session. This typically takes a day on the billing end AND sometimes what they tell me is different than what a client gets charged, this is rare and it still happens for any provider using insurance. So I encourage my clients to call the insurance company as well.

When you call your insurance company, be sure to get a reference number for the call. Give them my National Provider Identifier (NPI): 1821608258. Tell them we will be using the CPT codes (types of sessions) 90791 and 90837. Ask them what your payment responsibility will be for those sessions and get a reference number for the call.

Clients typically pay anywhere from $0 to $160 based on their insurance and plan type.

If you are looking for lower cost resources for accessing therapy. Therapist.com did a great article of resources linked here.

What payment methods do you accept?

I use IvyPay and Stripe and accept debit, credit, and HSA/FSA cards. I am not able to accept cash payments, due to the nature of telehealth, or payments via PayPal, Cash App, Zelle, or Venmo as they are not HIPAA compliant.

Do you accept sliding scale or reduced fee clients?

At this point I do not have sliding scale slots available. I recommend Open Path Therapy Collective for finding sliding scale providers. 

Do you provide superbills?

I provide any out-of-network clients with superbills. I recommend calling your insurance company to see if you have out-of-network benefits and at what rate they will be covered.

The superbill has how much you paid, the session CPT code, and a diagnosis. See below if you have questions about diagnosis.


When and how will I be reminded about sessions?

You will receive a reminder email and text 72 hours and 15 minutes before your session. These reminders will also include the link to your session and my contact information.

How do I access my online portal?

You can access it here or via the Simple Practice Client Portal App. It does not require a password and when you want to log back in, simply enter your email and it will send a direct link to your email. From this portal you can cancel or book sessions, download signed documents, or complete new documents.

Where are you licensed to practice?

I am a licensed to practice in the state of North Carolina as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) C015197 and Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist (LCAS) LCAS-26516.